About Cooking with WillYum

Hi my name is Will Slowenski, I love food and cooking.  I have been cooking since I was six and have enjoyed every moment of it.  My favorite thing to do is cook for family and friends.  I love when they enjoy the hard work and love that I put into my food.  I want to share all my dishes with the world.  I have collected and created so many great recipes and I just want to share them with everyone so they can enjoy them too!  If you have a favorite food or just need a new recipe for something let me know and I will try and make a delicious version of it for you!  You can send me an email at willslowenski@gmail.com.

The plan is to post one recipe each week.  This could always change if enough people love the blog and want more.

If you find that you love a recipe I have posted or just the blog in general and want to donate a few dollars towards ingredients for all the recipes I am going to make and share then please take a few moments and click the paypal donate button on the side of the page.  I appreciate your generosity!

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